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A HALLOWEEN 2009 interview with Lemony Snicket is here at bunchfamily.ca.  AND it has a free story download.

Quidditch.com's Incomplete Guide to Lemony Snicket Allusions has swamped Harry Potter in interest -- so click here to go directly to this section.  Updated for The Beatrice Letters and The End.  Soon to be updated for The Composer is Dead.  I just (March 3, 2009) saw an interview with Daniel Handler on the Today show and really need to read this book.

I'm very pleased the Concord Orchestra (including my wife on viola) will be playing the piece December 6, 2009.

For those of you inspired by The Composer is Dead, let me suggest a few great titles.  I have to link to commercial sites but I take no fees from them.  Check out your library first.

bullet Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts.  A worthy intro to classical music for all ages.
bullet How to Understand and Listen to Great Music: The Greenberg Lectures.  These are an amazing course on the history of Western music from classical times to the Twentieth Century.  Authoritative AND fun.  And you'll pick up great stuff to drop at parties.
bullet P.D.Q. Bach.  Professor Schickele is the "Weird Al" Yankovic of the classical music world.  A delight.


Middlebury College is hosting the Quidditch World Cup 2009 Tournament on October 24, 2009.  Aloha.

UK Vacation Chain Play-and-Stay is running a Quidditch Picnic Challenge.

MTV gets into Quidditch:

Via MTV:  http://www.mtv.com/videos/movies/403904/how-much-do-you-love-quidditch.jhtml

Via mtvU:  http://www.mtvu.com/music/music-blog/who-doesnt-love-quidditch/

November 13, 2008:  Boston University is also running a Quidditch team.

October 26, 2008:  Quidditch Intercollegiate World Cup! Thanks to UNHWildcat for sending me this NESN article.  And thanks to Evan at WCBS radio for this photo gallery from the event.  Perhaps Condoleezza Rice (the Russian expert whose language skills were tested by schoolchildren -- see Pravda) should look at becoming commissioner of Quidditch rather than the NFL.  Her experience in the Bush Administration has definitely given her a keen grasp of fantasy.

More collegiate Quidditch video from the University of Washington.

JK Rowling at Harvard Commencement 2008 delivered an excellent speech.  My daughters were there and I hope to get one or both of them to write up a review.

Amherst vs. Middlebury in Collegiate Quidditch, and the Boston Globe reports on it.

The Online Quidditch League has moved from http://www.theoql.org to http://www.onlinequidditchleague.com. They are now starting up Winter League 2008.  Players are no longer being accepted but you are welcome to look at the schedule and watch some games.

Shaun has just started Magicus Magnificus a HP Role-Playing site and is looking for members.

Quidditch.... in VERMONT.  You know, I never would have imagined those words in that order would ever have appeared in this space.  But since Middlebury is taking on Vassar (another "What universe did I wake up in?" phrase) it seems wholly appropriate.  Best of luck to all!  And thanks to Ryan for this Flickr link to photos of the event.  I love the iconography at this -- like a skateboard magazine found in a Diagon Alley kiosk.  Look for the T-shirt with the team name "Badassilisks" (and make sure you pronounce it right).

Since the Northeastern US now has a thriving Quidditch community, Titus has followed the advice of Horace Greeley and gone to start the Western Quidditch League.  I'm a sucker for any list that reads (I paraphrase here) "1 Soccer Ball to serve as Quaffle, 1 radio controlled car capable of 50 kph..."

Bucknell joins the ranks of universities with Quidditch teams.

I recommend this mash-up of The Wizard of Oz.  'Nuff said.


Had to happen sooner or later, someone is blogging ersatz Quidditch matches.  But I much prefer places like Middlebury College doing it in real life.

The Second War  is a Potter site still in the early stages of creation but devoted to developing an encyclopedia of  information about the film and books. They also have a game in production and link to their own RPG.

According to The Wall Street Journal ("The daily print blog of the American dream")  Vermont is ground zero for college Quidditch, with both Marlboro College and Middlebury College setting up teams and their own rules. Cool.  But let's not forget the progenitor of all crazy college sports:  43-Man Squamish.

I like this montage I discovered on YouTube.

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