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Freqently Asked Questions

  1. Who is this guy?
  2. Why doesn't he just do his own game?
  3. What attracted you to Quidditch?
  4. Why won't you cross-promote my site?
  5. Who are your heroes other than Harry?
  6. Where are you going with this site?

Who is this guy?

Youngest of twelve children born to a Filipino sharecropper?

Enfant terrible of the SOHO art scene?

A fugitive from Canadian justice?

Former lead singer for the underground punk group the Vegan Cannibals?


Your webmaster is a family guy in the Boston area with a degree in physics, wide-ranging interests,  and an independent internet consulting business.

I get so much mail asking why I don't just do my own Quidditch game, and if I'm a resident of Tasmania, or if I'm really some guy's friend named Rufus, because HE claims to run Quidditch.com, (you get the idea), that I figured I'd put together this FAQ so people could check it out. Bon appetit!

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Why doesn't he just do his own game?

A very good question that cuts right to the heart of the matter.  Basically I started out to do just that but discovered I had no talent at game creation.  Originally I wanted to do a Fantasy Quidditch League, and set myself up as Commissioner (which I always envisioned as the sort of ultimate cushy job).  Instead I morphed it into this forum and directory of Quidditch.  You can decide for yourself whether I was better suited at games.

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What attracted you to Quidditch?

I used to be a whitewater kayaker (no joke) until I had children of my own and suddenly had something to live for.  Therefore I live vicariously through this game.  You think it's hard making a Quidditch game, you should see what it was like trying to make a whitewater kayaking game.

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Why won't you cross-promote my site?

I like the independent feeling the site has taken on and cross-promotion just destroys that.  Right now when I rave about something you can be sure that I actually like it (but I leave it to you the reader to check it out for yourself and make up your own mind).  You might disagree with me, but I'm not trying to make you drink anybody's Kool-Aid (for those who have never heard of a wonderful vacationland called Jonestown and its occupants the People's Temple, look it up).

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Who are your heroes other than Harry?

I have a lot.  Here are some:

Huckleberry Finn, Odysseus, Katharine Hepburn, Bobby Kennedy, FDR, Sir Richard Burton (the Orientalist, not the actor), TE Lawrence, Stephen Hawking, and (oddly enough) my prep school English teacher who encouraged me to read as though it could change your life (I have discovered that he was correct).

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Where are you going with this site?

Honestly, I didn't know when I started.  I still don't know.  Keep an eye on this space and see what happens.  I think I'm going to try adding email accounts to it so people can have YOUR_NAME@quidditch.com and maybe an idea I've been playing with I call Wizard Notes, where your teacher could post class assignments for the coming week or two and thus save a lot of dead trees.  I will definitely be continuing my series of critical articles on Harry and literature.

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Revised: November 14, 2006 .