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Cool Quittich links.

Want your link here?  Email me.

Brooms Online:  Check out this Flash game based on Broomsticks.  It does require registration and is multiplayer (so you'll need at least one friend to send a link to) -- but it's simple and comprehensible (if only all games could claim as much). 

Quidditch 3D is in its final stage of completion, but unable to proceed with the release as the sound effects and animations are unfinished. They're looking for modelers, animators and sfx designers who would be willing to contribute a short portion of their time to completing the game. If you're interested, please contact graham@dissendium.com as soon as you can. They'd be grateful to have you on board.

September 19, 2004: Yep -- Quidditch played a role in the New York Times Sunday Magazine acrostic (site probably requires registration).

European Quidditch League is looking to fill positions this summer.

World Quidditch League is looking to fill rosters to start competition in the Fall of 2004.

Farsi speakers: Merlin Kabir ("Merlin the Great") has a Farsi site and Blog devoted to Harry and Quidditch (though I can only look at the pictures).

My review of the Prisoner of Azkaban: It's certainly far better than the previous two -- but it still doesn't grab me like the books.  Given that why write any more about it?

Crazy Quidditch is an IRC-based RPG looking for players.

Hogwarts060 is an RPG looking for a Quidditch referee.

Hogwarts Express is a role playing site that sets the Potter universe in the 60's.

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley (no joke) - have developed this personality test to determine which Hogwarts House you'd be most at home in.

RJK Knits makes Quidditch sweaters, etc.

Believe it or not, there are people out there selling Quidditch armour inspired by the movie. 

Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup:  I think these guys might be getting their act together on a decent Quidditch game.  In any event check out the images and trailer.  From EA Games for the PlayStation 2 with PC, XBOX, GameBoy Advance, and GameCube coming.

Check out The Quibbler.

Scholastic's Harry Potter Essay Contest -- if I were you I'd enter.

You do not need to be Kreskin to figure out that I love the quirkily creative (how many RPGs with sorting hats does the world need?).  Unicycle Quidditch definitely fits into that category.  A little creativity here and you can play it on bikes, scooters, or with pogo sticks.  Just go out and try something!

Sholomo's Quidditch Chess site has a new home.  He's also looking for Daily Prophet reporters. Sholomo, if you're out there and you moved again, drop me a line about where you are!

The Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom from Mattel.  You know.... every so often I see something so obviously beyond the pale of reason that I wonder why anyone likes it.  The Mattel Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom is just such a thing.  I have linked in to it in Amazon so you can see it -- but I do not want to encourage anyone to buy it.  For $20 I have a suggestion:  BUY YOURSELF a $5.00 BROOM AND PRETEND.  Find yourself a stick (I hear there are plenty of them in these woods places.....) and pretend.  You do not need a $20 toy with a flashlight and a vibrator to live the Potter world.  You need something much rarer than money:  an active imagination.  The parents who are writing glowing reviews of this thing really need to ask themselves what they want to be encouraging: the growth of their children or the growth of their Amazon stock portfolio.

Alfonso Cuarón (A Little Princess) is directing the Third Potter film?  I'd rather have him the than the director responsible for Home AloneY tu mamá también had a great edge to it.

Visit Noah's Quidditch.  He finished his Chaser game and updated the others for consistency.

One of the coolest flying broomstick games (are you listening, Time-Warner?) is 3V Broomsticks for the PalmOS.  Check it out!  My prediction: Look for the next Potter books to have Trademark notices on them that look like Microsoft licenses (proposed wording: reading this book means you'll never be able to use the words Hogwarts, Harry Potter, Hermione, potions, transfiguration, Muggle, the word "Platform" followed by any number with a fraction in it, etc. ever again without paying royalties to the publisher....").  Yes - this is not a Quidditch game, this is a flying broomsticks game.

Check out Noah's Quidditch Page.  Noah's updated the layout and it definitely has improved.

Pepe Valdes has sent me an email and is soon going to put up Quidditch: A Board Game once more!  Like a bolt from the blue this has jolted me out of post-winter late spring doldrums.  Pepe's game was AWESOME!  He brought it down because he was worried someone was going to take his idea and make money with it -- any of you guys who have ideas for keeping this from happening please email him.

Hogwarts Hangout has no Quidditch, but I like the "Bookcovers from around the world" section.

North American readers: A&E's flagship Biography program did JK Rowling on Friday March 22.  Check out her bio online!

HP Galleries, is a well-tended and organized board with a variety of topics, including Quidditch.

The Zone has a variety of Harry Potter games (though "Harry Potter in Vegas" seems kind of a strange concept).  Currently they have a two-player version available.  They're working on a full, Flash-based Quidditch game, with 'bot opposition, for which they kindly provided me a screen shot.

The Birmingham Bullets are starting their season this week. I like this site -- it doesn't exude 'tude but instead respires heartfelt enjoyment and simple, love of the sport.  The British and Irish season starts Saturday for these guys -- check them out.

Ever eaten at a fast food place or (*shudder*) worked in one?  Read Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser -- really opened my eyes to a lot.  Best non-fiction book I've seen in years.

Hogwarts eXtreme is up -- thanks to Ripcord Sk8er for sending it along to me.

The Real Hogwarts is another RPG that will be offering Quidditch.  

Brazil's Academy of Magic, (has anyone done a Haitian or Jamaican Academy of Magic?  That would be interesting.....character names like Baron Samedi and Obayeah Man) is looking for players.  Brazil gave the world Ra-Tim-Bum Castle, which is a very cool mythos.

Quidditch Illustrated.  What's REALLY cool is when someone pulls out all the stops, sits down at the keyboard, and delivers the Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor.  Such is the case with Quidditch Illustrated.  This is everything you want to see: vibrant, funny (Gred and Forge's Joke Shop?), and wonderfully self-consistent.  It passes the hardest test you can give it: You enter this site and suddenly you really DO feel like all this stuff is REAL down to the fake ads and the link to Muggle Sports (i.e., ESPN).  I love the graphics (which are a delightfully kooky mix of photo-realism and South Park simplicity), I love the sound, I love the Quidditch games (they have a trivia game and a Catch the Snitch game).  All of this is done with tongue firmly planted in cheek in a wonderful wrapping -- the closest I've seen to a Chocolate Frog for the real world.  AND it's lightning fast!  You're never waiting for a pretentious Flash download that doesn't really do anything except hog your bandwidth.  Warner Brothers should hire Danny and Lisa to breathe some life into their moribund web presence.  I hope these guys just do not stop working on this site!

Check out the Quidditch.com Incomplete Guide to Lemony Snicket Allusions.  I love A Series of Unfortunate Events.  It's the anti-particle of Harry Potter: it has the same mass but an opposite charge.  Also the use of alliteration in titles is an odd parallel between the two: Wide Window, Reptile Room vs. Year with the Yeti, Travels with Trolls.

I love multilingual sites.  Check out Juegos de Quidditch in English and Spanish.  Most of the images were having a hard time loading but I've informed the site owner and I'm hoping it gets corrected.

Now the TRON teaser is cool!  I'll post more of this as I get it.

Quidditch & Harry Potter Group on Yahoo.  Now these guys used some brain power.  They actually put together a discussion group -- which is significantly different from the endless "me-too" RPGs that I feel it merits mentioning here.  Hope they get something going!

Check out the January 11, 2002  New York Times article Which Wizard Beats 'em All?  (may require registration).  Very amusing.

The Onion has published a biting and perceptive satire on the Harry Potter craze.  Needless to say, I love satire.

You want something as unspellable as Quidditch and lots funnier?  The answer:  43-Man Squamish.  Writer Tom Koch and Artist George Woodbridge created a satire of the scale and beauty of a Faberge Egg in Mad # 95 from the mythical year of 1965.  The ball is called the Pritz, the pitch is five-sided and called a Flutney, nuclear physics is easier to understand than the scoring.  Look for it in an anthology somewhere.  I quote:

A Squamish team consists of 43 players: the left & right Inside Grouches, the left & right Outside Grouches, four Deep Brooders, four Shallow Brooders, five Wicket Men, three Offensive Niblings, four Quarter-Frummerts, two Half-Frummerts, one Full-Frummert, two Overblats, two Underblats, nine Back-Up Finks, two Leapers, and a Dummy.

Potterz Realm is a new, improved site by the guy who brought the world Muggle Quidditch -- which I still think is one of the coolest ideas to come down the pike and WAY better than any of the Harry Potter merchandise you can buy from major corporations.  I mean, $15.00 for part of a glorified chemistry set called "Potions Class?"  Really -- go to the library and figure out how to do some of this stuff on your own.  On exactly that note check out the RECIPES section at this site.  They're do-able and simple and let you do novel things like cooking your own food and teaching you how to use a kitchen.

The Birmingham Bullets.  The great thing about this site is how "normal" it looks as it chronicles the season of this Quidditch team, down to team photos and a logo reminiscent of Buckaroo Banzai's.  Good site, with my main wish being that it continues to evolve and give us an insight into the team's quirks -- that is, we see the team, and we know where they play and how they've done -- but some additional reporting or sections that make them come alive would make the experience more immersive.

New Hogwarts is a role-playing site with clue-based Quidditch, starting up on October 25, 2001 "in time for the Halloween feast."

Noah's Quidditch has just completed his Keeper game.  It requires a plug-in (which my browser doesn't support).  But please try it out and let me know what you all think of it!!!

Sarah's Hogwart's is up and looking for Quidditch players.  Check out some of her own artwork for the Quaffle, Snitch, and Bludgers.  It's got a nice style.

Noah's Quidditch Games.  One of the things that really impresses me is continuous improvement.  Noah has continued to add capability to his Quidditch suite, with Beater and Seeker games complete and Keeper coming soon.  The games do require a plug-in which he directs you to.

Preview of the Harry Potter Playstation game coming from Electronic Arts.  You can also pre-order the Harry Potter videogame from Amazon, which will not affect my eventual review of the game.  I am donating my Amazon referral  fees on orders taken through my site to the American Red Cross.

Has anybody tried the Harry Potter Quidditch Card Game from Mattel, yet?  I have -- I like the Trivia Game a lot more.  I've gotten feedback on the game.

Matt's Hogwarts has just come on line and is looking for Quidditch players.  As with all Role Playing Game sites he's also looking for teachers.

Hogwarts 4000: The Future of Magic. They are undergoing renovations, and making a Version 2. The old RPG members list will be wiped and the RPG will start fresh, for a new term. All old members please go back and sign up again, with the new sign-up form. Site allows you to compete against other houses, take classes, chat in the Great Hall, play Quidditch and more.

What Quidditch team are you in?  Has a chat-based trivia game system and is looking for players.

Enter Hogwarts RPG has Quidditch (enter Hogwarts and proceed to the Fourth Floor).

DiagonSoft.com is has been producing Quidditch 3D. Version 1.0 will be released in September as a downloadable including weather conditions, the bludgers and snitch, and various broomsticks. They are looking for BETA testers for version 1.0.  Only 50 places are available and we have already received far more applications. To apply, users should fill in the application form at their website, http://www.diagonsoft.com/

The Salem, Oregon Quidditch Club is looking for players to create a team based on Muggle Quidditch.  First meeting is at the West Salem Library conference room at 3:00 pm on Saturday, September 8.  Call or email Cliff:  (503) 391-1431 (evenings).

The Hogwarts RPG site was originated by Missy Hudak  with an ezBoard-based system.  The World Quidditch League run by Lord Mortanus Blackmauler looks like a direct, uncredited, and later copy of this system, and I have subsequently removed their link.

Chambers and Secrets.  This site has a small Quidditch Seeker Practice game which I have no doubt I did not do very well at (My score: 21).  However, while it looks simple it provides some fun (and Webmaster Fawkes has at least deployed a Seeker practice, which is probably the hardest part of the game.  Try it out.

This was just such a great week for stuff (July 9,2001)!  To top it off comes Pepe Valdes from Mexico with a site you HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO visit: Quidditch: A Board Game.  Imagine taking Harry Potter, Risk, and Dungeons and Dragons and smashing them together in the Super Conducting Super Collider and you will see what this is. The site loads slowly, but it is well worth it to see Pepe's board game in action.  I only hope some of the bazillion-dollar corporations that have licensed Potter can come up something as creatively and reverently instantiated.  This is a true labor of love that is not a "me-too" knock off of what someone else has done (I mean -- how many Sorting Hats do you see out there?  Someone should just do a Sorting Central and be done with it  NB: as of 7/14/01 sortingcentral.com and sortinghatcentral.com are available domain names).  And the fact that it looks mentally engaging blows the Quidditch card game away.  Kudos to Pepe!!!!!  Please send him your support!

Quidditch World Cup 2001 programs have run on the Wizard Wireless Network.  I'll update times as I get them.  

Quidditch International Champions League is signing up now.  Dates of play are TBD, but player sign-up looks to be relatively straight-forward.

New Yorkers:   Ra-Tim-Bum Castle was sreened Saturday and Sunday (Aug 11, 12) at the Walter Reade Theater, 165 W 65 in Manhattan as part of the Lincoln Center Film Society's Movies for Kids series.  Think of it as a Brazillian Harry Potter-like character.  It doesn't have Quidditch -- but I'd love to have someone write & tell us all what the film was like.

Hogwarts 4000: The Future of Magic is looking for students, Professors and other jobs. You can play Quidditch as soon as the teams are up, visit the Library, take classes, visit your common room, and more.

Cliff  has no game programming or design experience, yet is motivated to make a Quidditch game.  He's looking for people to help point him in the right direction.

GAME CODER LOOKING FOR ARTIST:  JSG is working on a side-scroller and could use some help with the bitmaps.  Contact him if interested.

The Quidditch World League is just getting off the ground -- but darn they have a cool logo.  They have just gone live with the Winter Quidditch World League as well.

Leighlani Willow wants to develop a Quidditch game and needs people to bounce ideas off of.  I know you're out there.

Potter Maniacs has Quidditch, fan fiction, and a rumor central page.

Hogwart's Interactive is recruiting Quidditch players.  Try outs are July 15 through July 20 for the next season.

Psy's Hogwarts:  One of the pleasures of this site is that on the order of once a month or so I get something that looks SO creative I got to write about it.  Headmaster Psy has put an interesting idea into practice -- using an interactive chat feature to play Quidditch.  Sign up for his Quidditch Guestbook and enter the realm.  The rules are straightforward.  This rates San Andreas Fault-like status with Muggle Quidditch on the cool & creative Richter scale.  My big concern -- how well does it scale to multiple users during lunch hour when every businessperson in the Western Hemisphere is checking their personal email, stock tips, and sports scores at the same time?   Try it out -- Psy's site seems to project  the right attitude of constantly trying to make itself better,

National Quidditch League.  This is a worth-while site.  It takes an ESPN-like approach to the world of Quidditch and combines it with a pleasing design.  The delivery is exactly like a local sports reporter, with the exception of the Broomsticks link -- which you might classify as an ironic post-modernist statement on the nature of the tension fantasy and reality, or just a cool idea for producing a broomstick catalog that has visual overtones of J Crew (if this description sounds like "cruelty-free hamburger" I'm sorry -- just visit the site).  

Mike Darc's team the American Eagleyes is looking for teams to play against.  I like his site design and the creative history of his team starting from the founding of Minstrom (note to self: It used to be the incentive in fiction was overwhelmingly to create an alternate present or future.  In the Potter world the fans all overwhelmingly strive to create alternate pasts -- there's something in this).  It's at the very least an amusing read.

The Wizard Wireless Network  is looking for playing teams who would like their games commented on live web radio.  These radio shows are available to everyone who wishes to tune in and listen, so even if they're unable to witness the games in person, they can still hear what's going on!    Contact: thefreakygeek@hotmail.com

National Quidditch League.  This is a worth-while site.  It takes an ESPN-like approach to the world of Quidditch and combines it with a pleasing design.  The delivery is exactly like a local sports reporter, with the exception of the Broomsticks link -- which you might classify as an ironic post-modernist statement on the nature of the tension fantasy and reality, or just a cool idea for producing a broomstick catalog that has visual overtones of J Crew (if this description sounds like "cruelty-free hamburger" I'm sorry -- just visit the site).  

Aerogames has a variety of pre-release Quidditch games.

This seems to be the season for RPGs.  A few to try out:

Lexi's Hogwarts -- Rayson's Hogwarts.

Beauxbatons School of Wizardry -- A role-playing Potteresque world.  Hope they start a Quidditch team.

Hogwart's Realm of Wizardry.  Recently relocated.  A Role Playing Quidditch game.  I've been waiting for a good one of these -- please try it out & let me know what you think.
NATSHEWMON@aol.com is looking to play as a Seeker on some pick-up Quidditch team.
The Hogsmeade Hippogriffs.  Constantly improving their site -- with a decently witty attitude..
Quidditch without Brooms -- now this is cool & innovative.  Think of playing Quidditch in the real world (what a concept -- turn OFF the computer and do something physical!!!!!!!) with the hackey sacks that have been gathering dust in your closet.  These people are on to something.
          One of the Broomless Quidditch co-inventors has a nascent Quidditch site as well.
Malzar's Harry Potter pages.  The strength here is some cool fan art.
Tim Seltzer is maintaining a public wish list for a Quidditch video game.  Licensees can do some of their market research at his site.
Troy's Hogwarts -- a wizarding school site with sorting, etc. recruiting for Quidditch matches
QuidditchNet -- is currently recruiting players.  Its sister site is Hogwarts SWW.
Cassie's Hogwarts -- looking for players for a treasure-hunt oriented Quidditch game.
Rumor Central -- Not strictly a Quidditch site, but they're cool kids and have set up a chat facility to discuss rumors, etc.  Give 'em a visit.
Broomsticks -- This is a very cool on-line game -- simple and playable -- give it a go!
The Official WB Site -- Love the Snitch animation - but didn't they read in the book that the Hogwarts Express is crimson?
Hogwart's School -- Yep -- they have a Quidditch team!
Harry Potter World - Hogwarts online and news from the world of magic -- now with Quidditch -- but webmasters Morten and Daniel seem pretty cool.
Embark to Hogwarts - a new site developing a Quidditch RPG.
The Potter Pages - includes Hogwarts classes, quidditch, contests, fan fiction, newsletters, games, and more.
Fawkes's Perch - includes the rules of quidditch, a sorting hat, rumors about upcoming books, and more.
Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club - features message boards, excerpts, and a game of Quidditch.
The Wonderful World of Harry Potter - includes a treasure hunt, fan fiction, J.K. Rowling, and a dictionary. Also provides background on Hogwarts, Quidditch, the characters, and Daigon Alley
Quidditch UK - A true labor of love by a UK devotee.
Quidditch Snitch - Worth visiting.
Roxfort Studios Roxfort Studios - A panoply of downloadable Quidditch games.  I think these guys evolved into Mystery Monkey Games.
Hogwarts Online - A fan site with Quidditch rules and a good graphics sense
New York Times Review - Stephen King loves "Goblet" but expresses reservations with Chris Columbus as director of the Harry Potter film (maybe David Lynch was unavailable?).
SPACE.COM - An article on NASA and Quidditch (no joke)
Warner Brothers - WB Press Release on the movie cast
Mini Games - Associated with Roxfort they have a variety of downloadable games.
Harry P0tters Place.  Run by Headmistress Carrie.
BeauxBatons.  They have their own interpretation of Quidditch.
Hogwarts Online. Chat in the great hall, play quidditch on the quidditch field, find the latest news in the owlery, visit the common rooms and much ,much more!
The Unauthorized Guide.  The Magical World of Harry Potter VHS and DVD from Amazon.
Quidditch Training - A good Freeware Game (in German) based on adapted Quidditch rules.
The Harry Potter Quidditch Card Game from Mattel.  Skip this and go for the Trivia Game instead.  Then proceed to Quidditch: A Board Game by Pepe Valdes.


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