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Ok -- I cannot tell you how many people have written web sites with a visitor count of under 10 looking for players who've written asking me to put them on my links page. 

I have heard the voice of the people, and am responding with this.

Anybody who's looking for players can email me and I'll put their stuff up here.

Send me info on the type of quidditch game you're looking to recruit for (a description will do), the URL and your contact info.  I reserve the right to list or not to list (though as long as there's nothing offensive on your site I don't see a problem).

Site, Description, Contact

Brooms Online continues to improve.  Check them out.

Quidditch League 2009 is looking for players.
QuidditchPros needs some players.

Queer Ditch Marsh http://www.queerditchmarsh.com/ is Fantasy Quidditch Game looking for players.

The Online Quidditch League has moved to http://theoql.org

Ranjodh gets hubris credit for having a site with a Hogwarts RPG AND an announcement of his Twisters book series.
Quidditch League 05 has started a league and is looking for players.
Muggles United is a new site looking for members and staff.
Online Quidditch League is in its Summer League Season Preparation and needs players fast for both its divisions.  They have added a team to their Biggest Server Division and have added a second server to run the OQL.

De-Panther's Quidditch World includes a download for on-line Quidditch playing.  Site seems to require downloading a Hebrew font to display.  He includes this Macromedia Flash movie.

Subtle Magic is hosting a TriWizard Tournament that younger students can participate in.  Also -- they are holding elections for the Minister of Magic hurry and register to be able to join in
Be on the lookout for scams offering you electronic pre-releases of Half-Blood Prince.  And don't give your credit card numbers to anyone you don't know is reputable.

The UK-based Room of Requirement is looking for folks to help it get up and running.

Hogwarts Star-School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is starting a new term and looking for new first-year students.

The Quidditch League is looking for players.

Quidditch 3D is in its final stage of completion, but unable to proceed with the release as the sound effects and animations are unfinished. They're looking for modelers, animators and sfx designers who would be willing to contribute a short portion of their time to completing the game. If you're interested, please contact graham@dissendium.com as soon as you can. They'd be grateful to have you on board.

Quidditch Cup of 2005 is looking for players.
Quidditch WorldWide is looking for players.
Check out YHarry Potter.com, I like their omnibus style.
Unreal Magic is looking for players as well as for someone to help the owner with running it:  They must be able to help with maintenance of the site, sorting etc.  Contact: umrpg@yahoo.co.uk .
Quidditch Online is looking for players.

Hogwarts Reality has re-opened and is looking for students and teachers.

Magical Hogwarts is once again open for sorting.  According to Headmistress Orion: We have everything from classes to rpg, fanfic, fan art, contest, Tri-wizard Tournament, Hogsmeade trips, and of course Quidditch.  Teams are based solely on member of the site and are divided up by houses.  This is a trivia based game and very popular among our members
The RPG site http://dillboo.proboards28.com/index.cgi is looking for some more players.
Heroes of Hogwarts is no more, but has morphed into Subtle Magic
The Floo Network is an RPG looking for players.
Real Time Hogwarts:  The goal of this RPG is to set the stage for book six, they are going to imagine their own version of what will happen.
The Online Quidditch League works via IRC and prides itself on the action content of its games.

Looking for players: forum-based Fantasy and Heroes of Hogwarts and trivia-based World Quidditch Cup.

www.HogwartsunaHistoria.05c.net La mejor comunidad latinoamericana , con mas de 550 participantes , clases interactivas version 2.0 concursos juegos chats fotos profeta actualizado, tamos con 7 nominaciones  y tenemos banners botones correo gratuito fotos fotos y mas fotos.

Labor of love: Dissendium.com is now open with a new Quidditch 3D game and we are happy to be able to show you images from it.  All of the massive corporate games have felt like they were minimizing the risk to the franchise and therefore removing the excitement to the gamer.   I find small scrappy companies usually produce better games.  Check them out.
Federacion internacional de quidditch (http://groups.msn.com/federacioninternacionaldequidditch) esta buscando jugadores en la mayoria de sus equipos, ellos tienen sus propios juegos de ordenador y una liga en internet.   (They have downloadable games as well, but owing to some malicious attempts to put virus software on the Quidditch.com computers I no longer download games.)
BHHC Hogwarts, an RPG with over 450 current members, is looking for more staff and students.  Quidditch coordinator: Squall Lionheart.
Legendary Lit is a group based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.   They play a form of quidditch known as ground quidditch once a week and update  the site as to when.  On April 23 and 24 they will have the legendary Bilbo Baggins Birthday and Literary Festival.  This festival will be open to the public with all day quidditch tournaments.  Only one rule you must have a broom.
Ultimate Quidditch is back with a new layout, forums, games, quidditch information, and more.  I like these guys.  Check out the Keeper and Broom Maker games and go back until they get the 2D and 3D ones up.

Hogwarts Star School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is looking for members.

DragonCafe@groups.msn.com is seeking players and help.
Speak Spanish?  http://groups.msn.com/federacioninternacionaldequidditch is for you.  They need players so they can start a league ALSO:
http://Groups.msn.com/hogwartsunaHistoria , es una página especilizada al 100% en harry potter . verdadera magia y hechiceria , con más de 300 participantes , únete ya!!! a una casa y participa de las clases.  (Requires registration in the group.)
True Hogwarts RPG is up and looking for staff and students.
Quality Quidditch is up and looking for players as are the Aussie Warriors.
International Quidditch Federation is looking for more members to get more leagues and matches going. 

Weinglass Academy of Magic has moved to here "For those of us with authority problems." -- you've got to love that.

Canadien Quidditch Informer is trying to get up and running as is Quality Quidditch.

Multi-Site RPG Quidditch league news:  OPRG,COM  writes to tell me they're involved in a multi-site Quidditch league.  Check 'em out.  I'll post their full set of rules if I hear interest.

Azkaban -- this is a great site to document your Sirius Black sightings and watch the new trailer (which is the best Potter trailer I've seen yet).  I haven't been able to see any sightings documented yet -- but I live in hope Warner Brothers will fix it and provide us with some amusing fan observations.
Hollers and Howler is looking to fill all positions for a message board-based Quidditch league.
Hogwarts in Real Time is looking to fill a Hufflepuff Quidditch team.  Check them out -- they have very good design.

European Quidditch League is looking for players and a spelling verifier.

DragonCafe@groups.msn.com needs help with their group and wants players to join.
Hogwarts is a new Harry Potter forum that just started up.  Magical Liberty School is also looking for members.
Victorian Hogwarts is looking for more players.  I like the idea and they have good design.
Hogwarts Star School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has openings in all positions.
Harry Potter US School of Online Magic is looking for players.
TJ's Hogwarts is now Hogwarts School of  W&W and is looking for Quidditch players.
Weinglass Academy of the Magical Arts - an RPG looking players has no Quidditch yet, but a webmistress who aspires to be a pro lacrosse player will not ignore sports for long.
Polyjuice.net -- a message board community that I think is cool just for the name alone.
Hogwart's Reality, a forum-based RPG is recruiting members, as is Hogwart's Online.
Rosencrantz has updated their URL.  I like their look & feel.

Trigger Potter RPG is a message board RPG that is just starting out...

...as is Pro-Quidditch.  
Headmaster Bush has the following Main Hall.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is up.  I like their emphasis on realism and actually having to learn something to play.
Noah's Quidditch has a new URL -- check him out!  I like the whimsical graphics and his creative approach to Quidditch.

Avid Gamers is running an RPG as is the Wizard World Quidditch League.

The European Quidditch League is up and running and looking for players.
Psy Nine is back with a new Hogwarts RPG at http://www.hogwartsmagic.cjb.net/.
The game will be run on a basis of RPing.  Whether a quaffle goes in or not, a person gets hit by a bludger or not, ect. will be determined by a set of rolled dice numbers that each person did but only the referee has a record of.  I know that part sounds odd and confusing, but I will explain it better in the group.  Anyway, the ref compares numbers and the person with the higher number wins that play.  For example:

Marcus races towards the scoring area.  He swerves in and out of other players and is finally upon the hoops.  He shoots and...

Then the ref takes out the set of previously rolled numbers and sees that Marcus's 4th number (let's say this is his fourth play) is 5, 4 and Oliver's 3rd (let's say it's his third block attempt) is 7, 3.  Oliver blocks the shot and then Gryffindor is in possession.

Still looking to get more players!

Trivia and playing the game at hp.com will also be a factor in scoring and play.



I am trying to create one and make it realistic as possible. Their are going to be classes where you actually learn stuff about wizard people and creatures. Did you know Nicholas Flammel is real? And I am going to have duels quidditch of course, and other cool things (I hope) Anyway I also have come up with a way to make it seem like you are actually going to Hogwarts.

Noah's Quidditch is now at:


Hogwarts Experience is up and running again - they need Quidditch players as well as students and teachers.
Rosencrantz Academy is an RPG looking for members.  I like the sense of design and wit.  They're worth checking out. 
Hogwarts Experience is up and running again - they need Quidditch players as well as students and teachers.

A recently created message board-based Hogwarts RPG is in need of players. Quidditch sign-ups have started at http://hunleashed.proboards18.com/ and http://www.hogwartsunleashed.vze.com

Gonzalo is looking to make his site better: It's a Hyperboard called Hogwart's at http://gonz.hyperboards.com.  He really wants to make it better and you've got to give serious marks for effort to that. 

  Quidditch Zone is a compendium of Quidditch info also looking to improve.
Hogwarts RPG -- a site with Quidditch (It's on Tripod which means you'll get pop-ups and cookies) but the Quidditch methodology seems sound.
Hidden Hogwarts is an RPG looking for players.

Secret of Hogwarts.  Now here's something I don't see every day: an RPG based at a free hosting site (which unfortunately means pop-up city) with a sense of design and order.  They have site-search Quidditch listed but I don't think it's ever been played since the page refers to the first game happening around Christmas if the webmaster has time to organize it.  The best thing I found on the site was their rendition of The Daily Prophet, which is a SCREAM.

Hogwarts Great Hall RPG is looking for players, teachers, the whole shebang.

Canadian Quidditch League needs some players -- check them out.

The Castle by the Lake School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is looking for students! Come to the school, and enlist and be sorted by the sorting hat. Quidditch is to come soon, and there are lots of classes to attend. Travel around the school, and check out the adventures!

Hogwarts Star desperately needs Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Quidditch players! Gryffindor and Slytherin Quidditch teams are full. To be on the Quidditch team, you must be good at Harry Potter trivia questions, must be at EVERY practice and match, and you must be able to go into AOL chat rooms. Quidditch practice is Monday (2/10/03).

Another interactive RPG Hogwarts is looking for Teachers and Students by February 14, 2003.  Check them over to see if they're for you.

World Quidditch League and Durmstrang are looking for players / members.

Liberty School of Witchcraft and WIzardry is just up and looking for Quidditch players.

The National American Quidditch League is looking for players.  Sign the guest book to join.
The Clearwater Gryffons are a Muggle Quidditch team looking for a few more players.  Check 'em out.

Hogwarts Star-School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is in need of students, teachers, shop owners, Daily Prophet reporters, and Quidditch players.  Their Quidditch section consists so far of a few links to other sites, but if you enjoy the role playing genre this is a place to stop in on. 

Cyber Hogwarts has just put up Quidditch and is having tryouts!

Hogwarts 31 has Quidditch try-outs starting on December 1.
Audric Academy of Magical Arts, based in New England, specializes in the Ancient Arts and has Quodpot.  For mentioning Quodpot alone they deserve a visit.
Headmaster Kent's Fantasy Quidditch league is in start-up mode.  The way you play is by playing the Warner Brothers games and then posting the results via chat and aggregating them for a team.

Another RPG comes to my attention: You get sorted into your house, take classes, and play Quidditch at Beauxbatons School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  I really like that they created something called Lockturn Alley, though the Quidditch practice simply brings you to the WB site.

Stregionero Academy of Magical Arts, ("Teaching all wizards since 1410") is a place for teachers, students, ghosts, and all others to go and join.  At this school you could attend classes, play Quidditch, and just be a wizard/witch. I like the classical music this site uses -- it has a touch of attitude. This school is in Rome, Italy which is refreshing to see. The site welcomes players of all ages.  Contact: Nad3810@aol.com
New on the block: A new virtual Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You get sorted, do homework, go to Diagon Alley, PLAY QUIDDITCH, and much more. Check them out.
Under development department:  Ultimate Quidditch was off the air for a while but is coming back.  The current link is a place saver, layout complete, with places for their 3D games and the tie-in for their world-wide games.  Check in every so often to see how they're progressing.

English Premier Quidditch League plans on openings its season August 1.  This site is your basic fantasy Quidditch league, with some good design.

The American Quidditch League is seeking players.

http://www.avidgamers.com/HW/ needs GUYS (all the female roles have been taken) for their Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin houses.  They're also looking for a Professor Snape-like player.  They promise homework, Quidditch, and fun.  Email Headmistress Damia if you're interested in joining.
A new Hogwarts role-playing site has come my way.  Called Hogwarts (surprise, surprise), it's located here.  Term started on July 1 and the Quidditch teams are filling up.  The Prefect vote is coming July 8.  The newsletter needs writers.  If you enroll mention Caroline sent you.

whisner05@football.com just started an American Quidditch League for characters from ages 5-21.  There are 3 different ages limits and 7 teams in each league -- 147 spaces in all (multiple character players are welcome, but not in the same league).  There will soon be 4 kinds of Quidditch posted on his site (muggle, real, chat room, message board) and he'll have a vote as soon as some (not all) teams are filled.

I am coaching the Quidditch World Games. You can contact me at Endeavor290@msn.com, and go to my site and sign up at www.freewebz.com/quidditchleague. I am building a team called the Phoenix Quidditch Team.  As soon as the Phoenix Quidditch Team fills up with players like you, I will be inviting other sites to come and play Quidditch with us. At the Quidditch World Games, I will build up the Phoenix Quidditch Team and play against other web sites.  We'll also host other Quidditch matches from other sites, so you gain experience on how to play.  Come to my site, and I, Mitrov, will coach you to be the best of the best!
Norton's Hogwarts is at http://www.expage.com/nortonshogwarts.  Norton is also the flying instructor.
Beuxbatton is an RPG looking for Quidditch players.  Contact is eyecare40@yahoo.com
Harry Potter Game School is looking to fill a variety of roles:  

1 Gryffindor Beater, 1 Gryffindor Keeper, 3 Ravenclaw Chasers, 1 Ravenclaw Beater, 1 Ravenclaw Keeper, 1 Ravenclaw Seeker, 1 Ravenclaw Sub (and all-around player),1 Hufflepuff Beater,3 Hufflepuff Chasers,1 Hufflepuff Keeper,1 Hufflepuff Sub,1 Hufflepuff Captain (a player has to be a captain though.),1 Slytherin Keeper,2 Slytherin Chasers,2 Slytherin Beaters,1 Slytherin Sub

Nick and Stephen have produced another Hogwarts RPG at: http://yourhogwarts.cjb.net/  Take their test to enroll.
alright i have had an idea and i need you to help me out with it i want to have a triwizard tournament only with more schools and real rpgs so do me a favor and email all the magical school rpgs you know abou my idea and tell them to email "frizz" at madamfrizz@hotmail.com
I'd like my Hogwarts on your site please. It's called Starlight's Hogwarts (URL: http://starlights2106.rocks.it ). Right now there's the Great Hall, Sorting Hall and the Hogwarts letter. But I'm hoping to add classes, common rooms, teachers' lounge, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, Knockturn Alley, Quidditch matches and many others. 
Hello. I am Headmaster Thomas of the site http://www.freewebz.com/hogwartscastle

My site is brand-new, and there are currently 28 spots available on my teams [that's 7 for each house].

Here's how you play:
First I ask the three Chasers from each team a question. Whoever gets it right first wins the Quaffle. Then I ask the opposing Beaters and other team's Chasers question. If the Beaters get it right, their team wins the Quaffle. However, if the Chasers get it, then they move on to the Keeper. The Keeper and Chasers are asked question. If the Keeper gets it right first, then he saves to goal, and it goes back to the beginning. If the Chasers get it right, then they score. After ten goals, the two Seekers are asked a question, and have one try to get it. Whoever gets it first gets the Snitch, thus ending the game. But if each gets it wrong his/her first time, it goes back to the beginning. They have to wait ten more goals for another try.
http://geocities.com/enterhogwarts There are various quidditch things- rules of MY quidditch on 4th floor, quidditch field outside, broomsticks can also be found outside, and soon to come - a quidditch trivia game.
http://pub66.ezboard.com/bhogwartsschool39250 Another Hogwart's School of Magic run by headmaster_piprock
http://www.expage.com/gregsharrypotterpage Greg;'s Harry Potter School -- a RPG gregoryg1992@yahoo.com
Brazil's Academy of Magic, (has anyone done a Haitian or Jamaican Academy of Magic?  That would be interesting.....character names like Baron Samedi and Obayeah Man) is looking for players.  Brazil gave the world Ra-Tim-Bum Castle, which is a very cool mythos.
Cho Chang has developed CyberHogwarts with a clue-style Quidditch.  While I weary of RPGs, this one has some real graphic design invested in it, so it's worth checking out.
http://communities.msn.com/HogwartsSS is a role-playing site on MSN.
Parvatipatil88 (a Quidditch player of formidable skill) has finally put together her own site: http://expage.com/darealquidditchpage. Check it out!
Now here is a site with some creativity:  The National Quidditch Association.  Rather than trivia, you manage your team assets and finances.  This is creative and I hope it continues to develop well.  
Wizarding World Another RPG
Quidditch & Harry Potter Group on Yahoo.  Now these guys used some brain power.  They actually put together a discussion group -- which is significantly different from the endless "me-too" RPGs that I feel it merits mentioning here.  Hope they get something going!
Soon, both of these sites will have the same Quidditch game! (one is mine
and one is a good friend's) Casiquire Ziphonium
Kasten Academy of Demons, ("Serving Evil Wizards Since 1902") is a place for teachers, ghosts, students, and extras to go. Filled with detail, there is a lot going on. Known for teaching the Dark Arts, here's a school quite different from Hogwarts. Check out this Role Playing Game and enjoy classes, friends, and quidditch!  While they use Greek letters as mystic symbols (a role normally filled by Runes) I do not hold it against them (Greek being one of my favorite languages after French, Japanese, and Italian).  The design is way better than the average off-the-rack RPG and they seem to have that devil-may-care attitude you like seeing in something off the beaten track.   
Web Quidditch is looking for players.  It's an email-based RPG devoted to Quidditch and is looking for players for the house teams so they can play matches. If you get really good you could even play for a league team! and visit their stadiums.  Contact Fiona.

Griffinclaw Winter Quidditch League plays a variation of Muggle Quidditch and is looking for players.

Another RPG with Quidditch (with a darned amusing quidditch page) is Ladybugannie10's.  Technically the name is Hogwarts, but folks, imagine how many sites you've all named Hogwarts.  Please -- come up with other names!!!!!!  They're looking for Quidditch players and teachers for two of their houses.  

Quidditch Mastery is looking for players, an RPG with a novel way of playing Quidditch - literally.  Team captains put together a team and write out their fantasy match, which s then compared against others.  Not bad, but who'll ever write a match where they loose?
Hogwarts Home 2.0 has a cool post-modern design ethos and some Quidditch.  They're looking for players.  
Quidditch 2002 is looking for a programmer, Art designer, 3-d animations etc... to make a game. If you are interested for more information go to http://www.athousand-monkeys.com/Q2002/
Info: A Hogwarts RPG where you can fly a broom, eat an Every Flavour Bean and much much more!  scotty@scotty16.freeserve.co.uk
The Harry Potter Game School is an RPG seeing players.ajcar1992@yahoo.com
We are an up & coming website to Harry Potter we want to make a quidditch section with moves, tips & team members if anyone would like to help or just check out the site @ www.harrypotterlover.friendpages.com or they may e-mail us @ talent_works@Cstone.net or saturnseclipse@Hotmail.com
can you please post that i am looking for students 2 join the best hogwarts out there.. and i am starting a quidditch league and need teams and all players...the classes will be chatted.. they can e-mail me at parvatipatil88@hotmail.com

Hogwarts Home 2.0 is an RPG with a fantastic look and feel (and Quidditch).

Hogwarts Virtual is another RPG site with Quidditch seeking players.
My Harry Potter site (The Harry Potter Info Center) recently opened the American School of magic. ...Could you please put a note in your links page that we have opened a MULTIsite Quidditch leage (based on trivia) and that students and teachers are needed.
Hogwarts: Looking for students and teachers please e-mail me at
allycat434@hotmail.com or go to the website at
Iacob runs a Quidditch team called the US Pythons, scored 790 points at Seeker Practise and needs an experienced keeper, chaser and two beaters.  Normally I'd wait to get the URL to post it here, but I LOVE the fact that his Quidditch team is not alliterative.  I am so sick of the double-letter Quidditch teams it's such a pleasure to see someone strike out against an increasingly tedious convention.  What was it Emerson said about a foolish consistency being the hobgoblin of little minds?

Quidditch School is an RPG just starting out.  Visit or contact Oliver to join.  Of Broomsticks he writes: I like the game. Because you need no plug-in or whatever, it's easy. Plus, the graphics are great and the idea simple...

Hogwart's Plaza RPG is up and looking for some teachers.

The Quidditch League is looking for players for its QuickChat based RPG.
Psy's Hogwarts has a new address and is undergoing renovations.  Psy is actively recruiting PROFESSORS for chat-based classes.  This is an opportunity for those in the audience who prefer to creatively lead rather than just passively take the show in.  UPDATE Nov 2: My site is going through a 'crash test' now and we have all our professors, It may take a few more weeks to maybe a month. I need to set up the classes and homework pages! As soon as I am done school will open and students will learn!

Spiorad Academy of Magic is an RPG that's including Quidditch.  It also gets kudos for explaining how to play in an RPG, and for creating a place called Vertic Alley.

http://hometown.aol.com/nokaoechicks/myhomepage/hogwarts.html  is looking for people to sign up.
Sarah's Hogwart's is up and looking for Quidditch players.  Check out some of her own artwork for the Quaffle, Snitch, and Bludgers.  It's got a nice style.

Folks: Someone better snap up this player:

my name is martha...or pavartipatil88...i was wondering if u could put that i am looking 4 a quidditch team on yur site...i beat the chaser at harrypotter.com37 tims,beater 20 times and keeper 15 times...i have played a seeker game and scored 100...thanks...martha
The Salem, Oregon Quidditch Club is looking for players to create a team based on Muggle Quidditch.  First meeting is at the West Salem Library conference room at 3:00 pm on Saturday, September 8.  Call or email Cliff:  (503) 391-1431 (evening)

Selena's Hogwarts is looking for players.  Headmistress Selena runs a trivia-based Quidditch game according to the following rules:  

I play Madame Hooch.  I give the beaters a trivia Question.  Whichever team gets it right faster than the other team gets the quaffle.  I then give the chasers and the other beaters a trivia Q.  If the chasers get it right then whichever teams chaser(s) got it right, then I will ask them and the keeper of the opposing team a trivia Q, if the chasers get it right they score, if the keeper gets it right the chasers don't score.  Then it starts all over again.  Sometime during the game I will type "SNITCH!!" then a trivia Q. Whichever seeker gets it right fastest (if any) the game will end and the points tallied.  If no seeker gets it right then we continue with the game and sometime later I will type "SNITCH!!" then a trivia Q, and you know what happens after that.


Quidditch RPG is now allowing members to join.  Read the rules & give 'em a try if you are on line 1.5 to 2.5 hours a day.
My name is Mike Darc, captain of the American Eagleyes. I was just
wondering if you could put something on your site saying something like "Team looking for another team to play in a match."
The Wizard Wireless Network (http://wizard-wireless.tripod.com) is looking
for playing teams who would like their games commented on live web radio.  These radio shows are available to everyone who wishes to tune in and listen, so even if they're unable to witness the games in person, they can still hear what's going on!
Flying classes begin in June
What I am going to do is ask the beaters a questiion who ever gets it right then there team gets the quaffle. Then I will ask the Chasers a question (about harry potter) Then if they get it right its the Chasers (4 of them) vs. the keeper if the casers get the question right they score a point. then it goes to the seekers. I will ask them a question if the seeker that was on the team that scored got the question right then he would capture the snich and the game would be over.
Question-based: In my rules, the chasers are asked a trivia question. Whichever team gets it right gets the Quaffle. Another Q is asked. If the chaser with the Quaffle gets it wrong or the opposing team's beaters get it right, the opposing team gets the Quaffle. If the chaser gets the 2nd Q right, they move down to the opposing team's keeper. A 3rd Q is asked. If the keeper answers correctly, the shot is blocked. If the chaser gets it right, before the keeper answers, that teams earns 10 points. Meanwhile, the seeker is sorting through the whole site searching for the golden snitch. When he finds it, he comes back to the chatroom and tells us the page that contains it. Then points are tallied.
I represent the Hogsmeade Hippogriffs:  http://geocities.com/hogsmeadehippogriffs