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Dewey Decimal References

first off, I have to say I love your site and learned a lot from it.

now, I think there should be a list of all the Dewey Decimal references 
in the book.  some of them are pretty funny (one's even risqu).  I 
went through and figured out what most of them were with my brother, so 
here they are.  some of the ones that they explained in the book such as 
the elevator (118-force and motion) aren't in the list, though.

unfortunately, it was in an aim chat, but I've tried to take out all 
the messages that didn't pertain.

moondogy42: 296
GrEEKHERO1489: Judaism 
moondogy42: 178
GrEEKHERO1489: Ethics of consumption 
moondogy42: 174
GrEEKHERO1489: Economic & professional ethics
moondogy42: 594
GrEEKHERO1489: Mollusca & Molluscoidea 
moondogy42: 674
GrEEKHERO1489: Lumber processing, wood products, cork 
moondogy42: 371
GrEEKHERO1489: School management; special education 
moondogy42: 954
GrEEKHERO1489:  General history of Asia South Asia India
moondogy42: 025
GrEEKHERO1489: Library operations 
moondogy42: 613
GrEEKHERO1489: Promotion of health 
moondogy42: that's the sauna
moondogy42: 025 is the laundry room
moondogy42: 547
GrEEKHERO1489: Organic chemistry 
moondogy42: 121
GrEEKHERO1489: Epistemology (Theory of knowledge) 
moondogy42: 469
GrEEKHERO1489: Portuguese 
moondogy42: ha!
GrEEKHERO1489: what
moondogy42: page 63
moondogy42: room 296, which is currently occupied by a somewhat cranky 
moondogy42: that's why he's cranky
moondogy42: because he was trying to read it the wrong direction in the 
GrEEKHERO1489: oh!
GrEEKHERO1489: Theory of philosophy is 101, the reception desk
GrEEKHERO1489: Perception, movement, emotions, drives  is 152, the 
GrEEKHERO1489: Determinism & indeterminism  is 123, the floors
GrEEKHERO1489: Occult methods for achieving well-being  is 131, the 
GrEEKHERO1489: haha
moondogy42: hahaha
moondogy42: wishing
GrEEKHERO1489: i was thinking fountain of youth, but either works
GrEEKHERO1489: Ethics of sex & reproduction is 176, go to page 53
GrEEKHERO1489: Humankind  is 128, the bench
GrEEKHERO1489: Ethics of recreation & leisure is 175, the concierge 
GrEEKHERO1489: Dreams & mysteries is 135, the couch
GrEEKHERO1489: Stage presentations is 792
GrEEKHERO1489: Extraterrestrial worlds is 999, the observatory
GrEEKHERO1489: Generalities is 000, the employee's quarters
moondogy42: yeah, all the 000's are library related things
moondogy42: therefore, it follows that it's hotel-management area
GrEEKHERO1489: yeah
GrEEKHERO1489: so those are all the individual numbers i could find
GrEEKHERO1489: 9th floor is history and geography; woman suddenly 
recognized by a chemist
GrEEKHERO1489: 6th story is Technology (Applied sciences), which is the 
GrEEKHERO1489: basement is Computers, information and general 
reference; ambidextrous man talking into a walkie-talkie
moondogy42: was that before or after dewey's death?
GrEEKHERO1489: before
moondogy42: so it could have been him
moondogy42: probably was him
GrEEKHERO1489: that was the chapter with the random people doing stuff
GrEEKHERO1489: whether it was on purpose or not, the mob psychology 
happened on the first floor, Philosophy and psychology