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De-Panther's Quidditch World includes a download for on-line Quidditch playing.  Site seems to require downloading a Hebrew font to display.

Check out the Whomping Willow and Knight Bus games from WB.

Labor of love: Dissendium.com is now open with a new Quidditch 3D game and we are happy to be able to show you exclusive pre-release images of it for the next few days.  All of the massive corporate games have felt like they were minimizing the risk to the franchise and therefore removing the excitement to the gamer.   I find small scrappy companies usually produce better games.  Stay tuned for more.

2D Quidditch and Swivenhodge (!) games are available for free download at http://www.newinfinity.cjb.net.  They look simple and playable (which I consider a good thing)

Shlomo's Quidditch Chess -- a perennial favorite of mine.  Check him out and follow him as he changes hosting companies.

New Year, new crop of games:  The Wireless Wizarding Network has a games page for downloads.

The drought is ending.  Kevin has produced a 2D Quidditch game that lets you play Chaser and Seeker.  He warns that it's really hard.  Check it out. 

One of the coolest flying broomstick games (are you listening, Time-Warner?) is 3V Broomsticks for the PalmOS.  Check it out!  My prediction: Look for the next Potter books to have Trademark notices on them that look like Microsoft licenses (proposed wording: reading this book means you'll never be able to use the words Hogwarts, Harry Potter, Hermione, potions, transfiguration, Muggle, the word "Platform" followed by any number with a fraction in it, etc. ever again without paying royalties to the publisher....").  Yes - this is not a Quidditch game, this is a flying broomsticks game.

Check out Alohomora, a German fan site with the game Snape Explodiert.

3V Broomsticks - This is the only Quidditch-like game I've seen for Palm handhelds. 3V Broomsticks features singles & doubles tournament and supports both color & grayscale PDAs. The infrared game between two Palms is coming soon.  This is based on Broomsticks (one of my all-time faves for simplicity and fun) with the author's permission.  Play and enjoy!

Broomsticks3D -- now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by a spate of new fan games.....  Try out the demo, pass it around.  Paul has something most of the pros who licensed Potter lack - imagination.  His game lets you download different skins; he sells it but offers a free demo; it's a 1st person shooter and it's fun.  I predict this becomes the Blair Witch of Potter fan games. 

An ULTRA COOL BOARD GAME QUIDDITCH-CHESS comes to me from Shlomo out of Israel.  Like Pepe's great opus (sadly missed), a simple but really good idea that you can do on your own, and doesn't involve giving margin to mega-corps who produce nothing but a logo.  You play it on a chess board, the rules look straight-forward (you want me to say 'simple'? -- nothing in Quidditch is simple).  Ignore the spelling lapses (his English is way better than most people's Hebrew) and try it out. Shlomo's got specialized pieces, but I'll bet a little imagination and a regular chess set can suffice -- I'm trying it out this weekend.  Also to look forward to: Shlomo's working on a net-based Quidditch-chess version.  I also like his attitude -- this is not a "fan club with lots of creevy-like show offs that make you read rumers about things that mite not happen." (sic)  We can all take a lesson here:  put some work in and come up with your own thing rather than aping someone else's.  (Comment on playability:  It's good, strategic fun).

Ultimate Quidditch has revised their layout and included some revised screenshots of their forth-coming game, Scotty Mulligan, professional Flash designer has joined the team.

Just as I was starting to get jaded and bored, along comes MyBeater, the kind of nice, simple, honest game I'm surprised more people don't do.  Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to fire Bludgers.  So what if it takes liberties with the rules, all the best media merely feeds off its predecessors rather than slavishly kneeling at its altar.  Kudos to Scotty Milligan of http://www.HPInteractive.net.  I hope he's got more coming.

For those who were disappointed by the shallow eye-candy of the Electronic Arts game, there are alternatives a'comin'.    Take Ultimate Quidditch, which has some intriguing screen shots.  Matt is looking for some help in the form of Flash adepts, designers, and editors. 

For those of you who love arcade-style games (or remember Asteroids).  Check out the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator site.  This is incredible stuff -- with engineers across the globe writing emulators to run code from arcade consoles on your computer.

Check out The Underdogs, a site I read about in HotWired.  It's devoted to videogames / computer games that are no longer commercially available (I'm glad to say none from one of my former employers have reached there yet).  You will definitely find something that you enjoy.

For those of you who love arcade-style games (or remember Asteroids).  Check out the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator site.  This is incredible stuff -- with engineers across the globe writing emulators to run code from arcade consoles on your computer.

I just found out Aerogames is changing its name to icysoft.  They're the guys who do Quidditch Z, which is 2-D, but still worth checking out.  Their site sometimes drives me crazy (I mean it takes multiple clicks just to get to what you're after -- the games which are here). As of January 14, the release level is Beta 1.1 but download the 1.0 version and patch it.

Quidditch Training (in German) has some cool downloadable games.  US/UK readers should have no problem running the game (Spiel) or figuring the downloads.

Noah's Quidditch has relocated due to the demise of AtHome (well, I guess their investors at Kleiner-Perkins will need to find some new way to waste millions of dollars :-).

Another RPG called Welcome to Hogwarts is looking for Quidditch players.

I sense a great disturbance in the Force... as if.... wait a minute -- wrong PopCult2: popular culture cult (please note that I have originated that term in November, 2001).  Sorry, sometimes it just overwhelms me.  Keep an eye on Quidditch3D.  The unofficial game is created by DiagonSoft.com International Studios, Questcom Entertainment and XSquare Software. Quidditch3D.com launched on Saturday, December 1, 2001, and we  have screenshots, concept art and images of the game.

Noah Dietterich's Quidditch - Noah has continued to add capability to his Quidditch suite, with Beater and Seeker games complete and Keeper coming soon.   (requires plug-in)

This seems to be the season for RPGs.  A few to try out:

Lexi's Hogwarts -- Rayson's Hogwarts.

Patrick Algermissen has a game for you Windows users to download & try out.  It's an EARLY version, and it's far from perfect, and he's put it up and is openly looking for feedback.  If you're only going to try one game, this is the one.

AeRoGaMeS -- a site with Quidditch games, including a TriWizard variant.  Jan 2002 - the TriWizard variant is gone and they're changing their name. They still have Quidditch Z.

Hogwart's Realm of Wizardry.  A Role Playing Quidditch game.  I've been waiting for a good one of these -- please try it out & let me know what you think.

Mystery Monkey Games  -- These guys look like the former Roxfort Studios, but they have some functioning downloads.  I've heard (Jan 2002) that Mystery Monkey has shut down

Parvati's Hogwarts - A Role Playing Site putting together Quidditch teams.

Britt's Hogwarts -- An interesting variation -- playing Quidditch via time limits through a chat room.  Sounds pretty creative and more interesting than what you usually see.

Cassie's Hogwarts -- with Quidditch.

Broomsticks -- I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!  Its simplicity is refreshing beyond belief!  Check it out!  Thanks to Troy for telling me about it!  

FEEDBACK on Broomsticks

this game is very slow but very good.

Jamie and Arlene (July 14, 2001)

Quidditch Training - A good Freeware Game (in German) based on adapted Quidditch rules.

The Harry Potter Quidditch Card Game.  From Mattel.  I think the Trivia game is more fun generally.  Quidditch: A Board Game blows it away.


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