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Tales of the Truly Grotesque

A review by Hayley (Age 11)

The Tale of Sulfur Swamp

WARNING: If you or anyone else you know does not like truly grotesque stuff don’t keep reading. Let me just start by saying that this book is better than any thing Lemony Snicket has ever written so do just read it!  

This is the story of Joan and Mr.P.  Mr.P is about to dive into the murky depths of Love Canal. When all of a sudden he sees a plastic bag with a shoe box in it. A baby is in the box. Mr.P names the baby Joan (she becomes Joan of Arkansas which my dad thinks is a riot). He finds out that she has webbed feet and hands. When Joan is of the age she goes to school all the kids start to laugh at her because of her webbed feet and hands. So Joan just decides to spend all eternity below deck reading, and then becomes a vegetarian. That is the beginning of this book.                         

You’ll fall over laughing after the first page, it’s so funny. The author also likes to use footnotes in a very amusing way on almost every page. It has wonderful descriptions of words like he said at one point “Dagblamit is a nice way to say, fudge to yo’ mama!” It also the best surprise, you would never expect it.

I give this book 4 ˝ out of 5 because it… just… ends… like… this… sentence, but the rest of the book is so awesome. SOOOOOO just read it!!!

Hayley J